What is the Sakuma Amplifier?

Characteristics which complement the Sakuma amplifier are found in the VT-25/801A push-pull phono preamplifier and 50/50 single power amplifier.

VT-25/801A push-pull phono preamplifier


Sakuma designs this negative filter circuit as his RIAA circuit.
General RIAA circuit is designd to get a correct tone by itself.
But actually the amplifier is made of many parts.
In the case of the Sakuma system, many devices inside and outside of the amplifier work in concert to make music.
The DL-102 cartridge, the many transformers, oil capacitors and Lowther speaker. All assert their own tone.
Sakuma thinks that audio is a system. So we need to design and choose parts as a total system with our listening room. The co-operation of all these devices makes better sound.

"VL-208" is small inductor made by TAMURA.
Its inductance can be varied by turning the top screw. (Photo)

Why he prefers MONO?

It is hard to answer. I confess to you that many audiophiles ask us the same question, but no people ask such a question after our audio concert.