What is the Sakuma Amplifier?

50/50 single end power amplifier

Why he uses TAMURA?

When the audio transformer designer designs a new transformer, he thinks about it in combination with others transformer his company made.
Sakuma uses only TAMURA to avoid trouble. If his amplifier makes trouble , it is not Tamura's cause.
So Sakuma only must try to find his mistake.
Amplifier builders know even a power transformer has its own tone.
TAMURA is the only company that can supply all the many kinds of transformers mounted on a Sakuma-designed amplifier. This is a company that has kept its own tone for more than a half century.

Why he uses unusual tubes and a mismatched output transformer?

In fact, we know Mr. Sakuma's design seems unbelievable.
Mr. Kei Ikeda, the top authority among Japanese audiophiles said "People should not talk badly about Sakuma's methods. He finds ideas from deeper inspiration than we can imagine".
After his words, the Japanese amplifier builders stopped their criticism."

"Unusual" presents us a mysterious effect.
After a lot of cut-and try, Sakuma found his best matching point for audio.

Sakuma says "The tube manual is quite like a telephone book. The number of it perfect. It is useful to make it possible to speak with a girl. But we can't see her beautiful face from the telephone number.
To get the best sound from the tube, even if the proper match is 5K, we try 7K. And we try these mismatched values with input transformers and other parts.
When you get your own best operating point of the tube, you get her address.

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