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Welcome to this site. I will revise from time to time to improve the contents, so please come again.

I am an amateur in woodworking, I would say a toddler woodworker, but eagerly wanted to have my own woodworking shop for longtime. About 3 years ago, I could start the workshop here in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan.

Of course there are also in Japan many amateur woodworkers showing their works on the web sites, however, I believe much more people overseas who enjoy woodworking and have the web sites.

This field overseas is obviously much larger than Japan, resulting much more woodworkers, and much more informations are available on the overseas web sites.

And another reason why I am interested in overseas sites is that a lot of people build their own woodworking machines, such as the band saw, the scroll saw, the belt sander and so on. I myself have had no idea that I can build my own machines by myself. I have not found such articles on Japanese sites. Maybe some of Japanese woodworkers build their own machines, but not introduce on the web site.

Anyway I at once decided to build my own machines, (I have done!) and wanted to introduce in Japan. And I also wanted to communicate with overseas woodworkers to introduce their works to Japanese woodworkers, at the same time vice-versa. This is the reason why I started this site in English and Japanese. I will revise from time to time to add new articles. I wish you visit again, and give comment if any.

I was working in the electric and electronics field for long time. I enjoyed making mainly tube amps, radios and later chip amps, various devices including computers.

I am still making such items but wanted to enjoy woodworking also. However I have no skill, no experience, no space. Usually woodworking needs large space when electronics item making needs only a small table.

Anyway, I started my own workshop to start woodworking without skill, knowledge, experience etc.

Please send your mail to . Sorry for inconveneience but please type this address as it is not linked to my mail address to prevent spam.กก

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