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Sakuma amplifiers

The Sakuma preamplifiers and combination phono preamp-power amplifiers are designed to reproduce the tone of DENON DL-102 mono cartridges at their best.

The gain of the stereo amplifiers is adjusted for the DENON DL-103.

The Sakuma "combination phono preamp-power amplifier" is a power amplifier with an integrated phono stage. It has a phono input and volume control.

Most Sakuma power amplifiers are low gain.
To reproduce phono recorded souces, you need Sakuma preamplifiers to increase this gain.
Sakuma power amplifiers are best suited to sensitive speaker systems, like a Lowther, or Altec, and so on.

Sakuma says- "To make a big voice, powerful lungs are needed. But your throat only controls the current of breath. I regard my preamplifier as our lungs and my power amplifier as the throat.
If you compare the tone of the 310A / 300B with WE300B / 300B, then you will understand my point".


Sakuma's personally ordered parts are shown in original schematics in MJ issues.
I replaced them with currently available parts for the web pages. These are parts that are sold by Sun Audio and other shops.

The tube type RCA-5691 is a dual triode, but the sections are connected in parallel.

Un-marked resistors need to have a 3 watt rating.

The oil paper capacitors mounted for the power supply are purchased from Sun Audio.
The following four kinds of oil paper capacitors have a metal mounting bracket for mounting.

8 micro farad 800V
8 micro farad 1500V
10 micro farad 800V
10 micro farad 1500V

The capacitors mounted in the RIAA component are oil capacitors made by Nikkemi and Nichikon. (See photo)

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