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This home page includes information about Japanese audiophiles, and viewpoints and temptations of another world.

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An Introduction to the Sakuma System Audio Philosophy

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Who is Sakuma?
What is the Sakuma Amplifier?
The list of Sakuma's works ((The Lastest up date :June 16,2017) Link to 300B / 50 compatible power amplifier published November 2015
Inside the Sakuma Amplifier
Direct Heating with the Sakuma System.
What is the TWO channel Amplifier?
The building of 845/845 push-pull phono preamp-power amp.
Amplifier Gallery
Vacuum Tube Gallery
Audio Concert
Sakuma's system
Inside the Concorde
About the Oil-damped Tone arm and the DL 102

An Introduction to the Japanese Audiophile

Tamura catalog
Tips and Hints
Book Review
Japanese - English dictionary for amplifier builders (Last update :18/Nov./1996)
Links (Last up date : May 15 2006)
Read this caution before building your Sakuma amplifier
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